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You have important work to do. 
Leave the bookkeeping and payroll to us. 

Will you do my corporate and personal income tax returns?   

We are bookkeepers, not tax preparers. The good news is your books will be scheduled to be ready every January for your CPA.

What about garnishments, tax notices, and paperwork I’m not sure what to do with? 

It’s pretty rare we come across something that requires your attention. But if it does, we will hand it back with instructions of what needs to be done.

My restaurant is 1000 miles away from you—so how do we work together? 

Using the cloud, email, and occasionally FedEx we have a simple system for capturing all your work and processing it in a timely fashion

Is moving to Savory Bookkeeping a hassle? 

Our onboarding process is easy. Bookkeeping can be setup in a day. Payroll setup should have a two-week lead time, but we can push it through faster in a pinch.

Am I going to be stuck in a long contract? 

If you are unhappy at any time just give us thirty days' notice and we will turn the subscription for your books and payroll over to you.

How come you are so well priced? 

Our pricing allows us to pay our employees a living wage and have some profit left over. We believe that is good for everyone.

Why a flat monthly fee instead of hourly? 

We think charging by the hour is an in an invitation to bill more time, whereas flat fees are an incentive to be effective and efficient.

Do you charge a setup fee? 

We charge a $300 setup fee to transition your account and get your bookkeeping and payroll setup on QuickBooks Online.

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